Lessons learnt from public presentation at GDD

Nov 24 2010

We have attended annual Google event for developers in Prague and made a presentation on accompanying event by czech GTUG.

We have continued a nice tradition of attending Google Developer Days (GDD) in Prague. For those who do not know - GDD is annual meeting of people from google, developers and enterpreneurs interested in Google technology. We have been attending this nice event since its start three years ago.

This time we had different aim from previous ones - we wanted to gather some feedback for touchqode - our mobile IDE (or code editor for mobile phones). We also got chance to present at mini GUG camp section of GDD. We spent the day chasing people (googlers, investors, general users and even some press people) and attending sessions.

What we found out:

All in all interesting and inspiring day so next year we will be there again.

touchqode team

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