Analytics and licence in touchqode

Dec 22 2010

Several comments about touchqode were concerned with the analytics we use and the licence, terms and conditions of the app.

For analytics we use the standard Google tools, similar to those used on many websites, where they are a de facto standard without much objections. Many android applications use the same method to collect usage data without any warnings to their users. We are just fair enough to let you know and let you turn it off, if you like. More details in following paragraphs.


We use official Google Mobile Analytics SDK. This is the same infrastructure that is used by millions of web pages to measure traffic. Moreover tracking is anonymous - same as if you were visiting any web page. We understand that handling source code is sensitive so we want to be open with you.

We DO track: time spent in each mode (edit, view, search...), number of first starts of application, extensions of loaded files (e.g. .py, .java, .cpp).

We do NOT track: user name, detailed location, any account information, file names, content of files.

In case you wanted to see the data we are tracking - feel free to install touchqode in an emulator and explore /data/data/com.touchqode.editor/databases/google_analytics.db using sqlite3.

Why do we need the data? There are two reasons. First, to continue with the development, we need to know that you use the app and that there are many of you out there. Second, to continue improving the app, we need to know how you use it. For example knowing the extension of files you open helps us channel our efforts into languages you really use. Currently Javascript is the No. 1.

However we want you to use the app even if you do not send us the data we need. You can disable analytics in Settings - go to Menu/More/Settings and uncheck "Send analytics". After that touchqode sends single last event that you disabled analytics. From that moment onward nothing is tracked or sent from your application unless you consent to it again.

We are always eager to answer any questions you might have - so please let us know if you have any specific concerns at or via our contact page.

Terms, conditions and licence

As to the comments on Terms, conditions and licence of our application, we strive to provide the best possible experience to every user. We need to do so in an effective manner, including management of touchqode related intellectual property, and the licence makes sure it is possible.

Any contents of any file you open in the editor are yours, we do not track the contents, do not have any rights on them and do not want them. We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to edit your files and develop your code.

We are ready to discuss specific objections with any of our users and, if showed wrong, correct ourselves. Please contact us at with any specific comments. We will be happy to go through the issues and explain our thinking behind the licence. For now we believe the licence is fair and lets every party get most out of the relationship without posing unnecessary restrictions or threatening any of the parties involved.

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