New version: SFTP and fast mode

Feb 23 2011

New version of touchqode (mobile code editor) is available for download.

While busy with great new improvements for touchqode we bring you minor update with big impact. No need to transfer plain files via FTP - now you can connect to your secure SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) server.

Improvements in this version include:

Go, download the new version or read on to find out more!


The title says it all - SFTP client directly integrated into touchqode. The right choice for the security conscious web admins. However keep in mind it is in same maturity level as FTP client - experimental yet generally functional.

Fast mode

Large files and slow devices do not play well together. Highlighted file of 100kb could seriously clog performance of some older devices (I know it - editing some larger touchqode classes on my HTC Hero was far from enjoyable). In order to keep performance at reasonable level we have put two settings in place:

Check out Menu>Settings>File Size Thresholds to adjust these values.


New version also includes various bugfixes - background in night mode after orientation change, FTP client "Back" button crash, unable to select all.

That's it for this version. Make sure you get new version from android market (see download section). Whether you like new version or not, we will be happy to hear from you.

Touchqode team.

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