Thank you for bug report

Oct 15 2010

We have just fixed our first bug based on a user reported problem. Our thank goes to anonymous user with Samsung Galaxy phone!

In case you wondered how we get to know about what happened when touchqode crashed read on.

We use an excellent ACRA library for that purpose. When touchqode encounters unhandled exception or error ACRA shows an (in)conspicuous notification. It asks you to send us report error and let's you fill in your comment. We encourage you to enter your comment and include your email/twitter/skype/other contact info so that we can follow up with you on the bug resolution. It is important to note no data is sent until you click "OK". Once you hit OK ACRA uploads the error report consisting of (and limited only to):

Every bug we receive goes under careful inspection and gets fixed. Additionally we telepathically send a plenty of gratitude to the bug reporter (if they provide email address we also let them know by email and try to indicate when they can download fixed version). So when touchqode crashes on you - go ahead and tell us what you think about it!

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