Touchqode now supports HTML and JavaScript

Nov 29 2010

New version of touchqode is available for download.

HTML and JavaScript

We have listened to requests from people who have to maintain websites for HTML and JavaScript support. From now they can make changes on the go. Touchqode can now open HTML, JavaScript (including JavaScript embeded in HTML). HTML and JS have functional code highlighting and autocomplete for tags (HTML) and keywords (JS). We are also busy with FTP support so we make life to you guys even easier.

Develop on Galaxy Tab

With new Android tablets coming out we knew they will be great devices for touchqode. So we added hdpi (high resolution) resources and support for portrait mode. And I must tell you - it looks great on our Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Autocomplete, highlighting, line operations

We also spent some time on autocomplete for Java and general syntax highlighting, especially internal efficiency issues. We fixed a couple of bugs, including wrong position of screen when switching between edit/view modes. And since lot of programming is done by copying and pasting whole lines of code we added select line functionality. Look for it in Copy/Paste menu.

More file picker options

Touchqode now supports ES File Explorer along OI File Manager as file picker (we would include Astro as well but could not find documentation for their intents - let us know if you found any). New installations also automatically discover presence of a file browser (OI File Manager or ES File Explorer). If no file explorer is found you get direct links to market to install one of them.

Open gmail attachments

One of our beta testers and our friend found out that application crashed when he attempted to open Java file attachment from GMail client. It was fixed by adding file loading from content:// URIs. Unfortunately there is still outstanding issue of opening files from remote networks by Astro File Manager.

Source samples

We welcome all new users of touchqode. We know that our editor has some learning curve so we prepared something for them as well! Touchqode now comes with sample Java, HTML and Python code to try out the editor immediately after installation so you do not have to worry about finding right files to try out the editor. If you like editing our samples why not try and synchronize your real work files to the cloud as described in faq. There is even more work going on with the documentation within the app.

That's all for now. We hope you like the new version and that it will help you with your projects. Wheter you like it or not, we will be happy to hear from you.

Touchqode team.

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