New version: PHP, FTP and running scripts!

Jan 28 2011

New version of touchqode (mobile code editor) is available for download. This version will make happy especially web developers, android scripters and Samsung Galaxy S users.

Improvements in this version include:

Go, download new version or read on to find out more!

PHP support

Touchqode is now able to highlight your PHP files (and all surrounding HTML/JavaScript as well). Autocomplete works too and recognizes if you are in PHP, HTML or JavaScript block. We have included few common functions to autocomplete (require, strpos, mysql_, ...).

FTP browser (experimental)

To make editing websites easier we have integrated FTP browser into touchqode. Few notes to take:

ALT behavior made consistent with Shift

In the spirit of experimenting in order to find the best way of user input we have changed the behaviour of ALT key - it is no longer on/off key. ALT now behaves exactly as Shift key:

We have also fixed the issue with ALT indicating it's on even after it wasn't active anymore.

Running scripts: Integration with Scripting Layer for Android

We have received many requests for running scripts right on the phone. So in this version, we have included a first simple version of this capability.

To make it work, we are interfacing the Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A). So you will need to install it from In the middle of this page, you can see a big QR code. Download this apk (sl4a_r3.apk) and install it. This way you get the basic environment, but you do not have any languages installed yet. In the right section of this page on top ("Featured" / "Downloads"), there are several links to .apk files. Choose the languages of your choice, install them and you are ready to run your first script on Android.

Watch out for the size of the downloaded files!! They can be more than 10MB per language and during the installation, the apk can download even more MBs! We recommend that you do this installation via a free wifi!!

After you have your favourite languages in SL4A in your phone, run the code by clicking Menu/Save & Run.

Max lines limit on Samsung Galaxy S

Previous version encountered problems opening large files (files larger than 10kb) on some Samsung devices. This was caused by the unfortunate default values set in Samsung version of Android. To overcome this touchqode sets max lines to 5,000,000 and max characters to 5,000,000 which should be enough for anyone (TM by Microsoft).

If you still encounter any strange behaviour let us know.

That's all folks. You can get new version from android market (see download section). We hope you like this version and that it will help you with your projects. There are more interesting things coming so stay tuned for next version. Whether you like it or not, we will be happy to hear from you.

Touchqode team.

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