New version: view html locally, internal file browser, word wrap & more

May 11 2011

New version of touchqode is available. There are several new features:

Download the new version or continue reading to find out more!

Launching your code (even C++)

We have added two new options to launch your code - HTML/JavaScript in local browser and run via IDEOne option.

Developers of HTML/JavaScript for android might appreciate the new option to develop on their phone and test in the target environment, being able to see the final product immediately. Just open your HTML/JavaScript, choose run, choose local browser and the file will open in the browser. Then hit the android back button, make fixes and try again. :)

To keep this option as default, just choose "Use as default" and touchqode will not ask you how to run html/js again. If you want to choose a different method later on, just go to Settings>More>"Run as.." and you can override the defaults.

JavaScript, when run in local browser, will create its own temporary html file, that will contain only basic tags and a script tag for js.

The IDEOne option extends the programming languages that you can run from touchqode. It lets you run simple, one file programs in languages: Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Python, Ruby, C#, PHP. IDEOne is an external service maintained by Sphere Research Labs. These folks are in no way associated with our company. However we like their service and several users have requested this option.

Just choose run and then pick IDEOne. A launching console will pop up. You can enter standard input for your program, and choose run. You need to be connected to the internet in order to evaluate your program. The software will connect to IDEOne servers and wait for response. You will be notified about the progress in the console. When finished, you will see the compiler output, program output and error output. You can launch again with different input, or go back to edit your file.

Only single file programs are supported by now. And they have to comply with certain assumptions of ideone. E.g. java classes need to be friendly and in default package. We do some pre-processing of Java classes to make more of them runnable by IDEOne but exercise caution, be patient and do not throw the option away after first failure.

Custom port for FTP+SFTP

In ftp and sftp configurations, you can now specify other than default port to connect to. Use colon (:) to separate hostname and port. For example if you need to connect to server on port 1234 enter following:

Word wrap

This is a long anticipated and wished for functionality and I believe it needs no comments. Just enjoy :).

To switch word wrap on and off go to Menu>More>Settings and check/uncheck "Word wrap".

Internal file picker

We have included our own file picker in the touchqode - no need to download any additional apps. In case you want to fall back to your old external picker (either ES File Explorer or OI File Manager) go to Menu>Settings and uncheck "Use internal file browser".

Live help

On our website and inside the android app, there is a new option (android app - menu > more > Get help (Live Chat)). When one of us is online, we will be happy to help you out with your issues in real time via this online chat feature. We are in the same time zone as Vienna (CEST UTC+2).


You can support our development efforts with a donation via paypal. The button is in options menu inside the android app (Menu>More>Donate). We will be very very thankful and will try to implement even more of requested features :).

You can donate right from here:

These few things should make your life with touchqode much better, so just let the android market do its job and have your app updated! Whether you like the version or not, we will be happy to hear from you.

Touchqode team.

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